Profile Plan Acquires HMR to Offer More Comprehensive Health & Weight Loss Solutions

“We are thrilled to welcome HMR to the Profile Plan family,” said Ryan Niparts, CEO of Profile Plan. “By joining forces, Profile Plan and HMR will be able to provide customers with top-notch health and weight loss solutions, helping them achieve their wellness objectives.”
Profile Plan will maintain both brands and provide their distinctive foods, coaching methods, and supporting technologies. Profile Plan and HMR both share a commitment to providing personalized, science-based weight loss solutions. The acquisition will bring together the best practices and programs of both companies to create a truly comprehensive offering.
“We are confident that this acquisition will bring significant benefits to our customers, employees, and partners,” said Christine K. Weithman, MBA, RD, LDN, FAND, Director of Nutrition at HMR. “Together, we will be able to offer a wider range of solutions, a more personalized approach, and a stronger commitment to helping our customers achieve their health and weight loss goals.”
The companies will complete the transition in the coming months, with HMR continuing to re-establish regular operations in the meantime.
About Profile Plan 
Profile Plan is a personalized weight loss and health program that uses a scientific approach and the individual’s own DNA to create customized plans. It includes in-person or virtual one-on-one coaching, meal replacement products, and support tools to help individuals achieve and maintain their desired weight and overall health goals.
About HMR
HMR Plan (formerly HMR Weight Management Services Corp.) is a weight loss and lifestyle change program that offers structured meal plans and behavior modification coaching. It includes meal replacement options, physical activity, and healthy eating plans, and uses a phased approach to support long-term healthy lifestyle changes. HMR has been shown to be effective in producing significant weight loss and improving health outcomes for thousands of customers over four decades, in weight-loss centers and through its at-home program.
Source: Profile Plan