Prof. Dr Herbert Kohler, Ex-Tesla Board Member & Daimler VP, Joins Advisory Board of Elaphe

Elaphe is commercializing its paradigm-changing distributed drive architecture. With Prof. Dr. Kohler as a member of their advisory board, Elaphe has made an additional step towards solidifying its leading position in distributed-drive technology. “Elaphe is honored to welcome to our team such a revolutionary contributor to the global e-mobility movement,” stated Gorazd Lampic, Elaphe CEO.
Prof. Herbert Kohler started his career at Daimler as a Ph.D. student, worked his way up the ranks through production, engineering, and marketing and sales to senior management of the Daimler group. In 2000, Dr. Kohler took over Body and Powertrain Research as Vice President of the division. 
In 2006, he was appointed as head of Daimler’s Group Research & Advanced Engineering – Vehicle and Powertrain. For five years, starting May 2009, Prof. Kohler served as a Director of Tesla Motors, Inc., helping to bring electric propulsion to the mass market. At the pinnacle of his active career at Daimler, he was responsible for Research and Advanced Engineering of the entire Daimler group. Today, prof. dr. Kohler works for several national and international think tanks in the field of mobility and devotes his time to the students of Stuttgart University as a professor and mentor.
With Elaphe’s in-house development and manufacturing capability, Elaphe supports ambitious projects with enabling technology that helps these companies transform the perception of e-mobility and the role personal transportation plays in our everyday lives. Their team works on an innovative performance-driven architecture, consisting of direct-drive motors, power electronics, and multiple-motor propulsion control. With their in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, Elaphe now works with many OEMs and startups.
To Elaphe, vehicles are not just a means of transportation for getting from location A to location B but serve as ecosystems that primarily cater to the user’s needs and offer new mobility possibilities true to their mission. As Dr. Kohler stated in the past: “The vehicles have to give something back to society and offer added value for the world at large. An essential part of innovation is to make humans, with their needs and desires, the central focus of our considerations and developments.”
Elaphe focuses on the creation of cutting-edge technology to drive real-added-value for vehicle-makers, their users, and the planet. Their architecture empowers vehicle developers with design freedom to build the simplest and most responsive platforms for electric vehicles of tomorrow.
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Source: Elaphe Propulsion Technologies