Prodana Launches Its Pay-It-Forward Crowdfunding Platform to Promote Mental Health Through the Power of Generosity

Prodana is the first of its kind “pay-it-forward” crowdfunding platform, allowing individuals to create “offerings” with a focus on helping others; recipients of their kindness can then make contributions to help others in turn. The platform only pays out funds raised when acts of kindness are confirmed by the recipients, while also collecting ratings and reviews and reporting them back to the contributors. As a result, a “cycle of generosity” is created where each user is focused not on themselves, but on helping others.
Prodana’s primary focus is on therapists and mental health practitioners, with the recognition that there is an unprecedented need for emotional support worldwide, as a result of the pandemic and its multiple mental health repercussions.
Prodana aims to break the transactional nature of conventional therapy wherein a person typically pays per session right after the session. Instead, a practitioner can focus on helping others, while allowing beneficiaries to pay as much as they want or are able to, at any point in the future, with the knowledge that their payments will provide others with the same potentially life-changing benefits they themselves have received.
Prodana, from the term “pro bono” and the Buddhist word for generosity, was inspired by meditation centers and programs that are sustained entirely through this pay-it-forward concept. It provides individual practitioners with the technological resources to implement a similar system – collecting single and recurring contributions, transparently display their impact, and maintain ongoing relationships with past beneficiaries and contributors.
Mental health practitioners can structure their entire practice around this pay-it-forward model, or use it to establish a “scholarship fund” where paying clients can make additional contributions to help those less fortunate.
“Our vision is for people to think of their therapist like they do about their Alma Mater’s scholarship program,” says Shalom Tzvi Shore, Prodana’s founder and a practicing hypnotherapist. “A good therapist can change the way you experience the world and the opportunities that are available to you; Prodana allows people to express their gratitude for their own positive therapeutic experience by helping their therapist help other people who may not be able to afford it themselves.”
Prodana is a pay-it-forward crowdfunding platform committed to making mental health and personal growth available to all by allowing therapists to create ongoing relationships with their past clients who can in turn contribute towards them helping others.
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