ProChile’s Vision on Innovation Is Set to Raise Global Trade’s Level

ProChile’s innovative vision focuses on principles that include: business digitization, e-commerce B2B and B2C, food innovation, health technology, smart factories, and green hydrogen, with the United States being one of the most important trade destinations for Chilean companies in this sector.
The United States is the largest stakeholder in Chilean business developments, registering US$22 billion in investments in Chile over the last seven years. The U.S. is also the top destination for Chilean exports of medical devices. In light of such a mutually beneficial relationship, ProChile created Healthtech Beyond Borders, an event that explores the future and impact of new technologies in the healthcare sector, with a special focus on opportunities in Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia.
“Innovation is creating environments where ideas can connect.” – Steven Johnson
One of the most impactful activities in ProChile’s agenda for the United States is Go Global, a soft-landing program designed to support the globalization of innovative, scalable and high-impact Chilean ventures, by preparing and connecting them with key resources in order to approach and ease their transition to the U.S. business community. A notable Go Global success case is the Chilean brand Genosur, who opened a manufacturing facility in Miami-Dade County, after participating in the 2019 program, and they are now producing the first Covid-19 portable sampling collection kits in the world.
The acceleration of e-commerce worldwide was a key trend throughout 2020, as consumers shopped online often out of necessity, and brands were forced to rapidly change their strategies as a result. The E-commerce Acceleration Program was designed to help accelerate the online sales of Chilean brands already operating in the United States.
During this program, ProChile will support selected brands to create a marketplace strategy, penetrate new e-commerce channels and define a digital marketing focused budget. The program will also provide support on B2B e-commerce strategies.
Jewelry from Rapa Nui, mystic vineyards cultivated by members of the Lickanantay indigenous community, honey produced in the driest desert in the world, native Chilean gin, and water purification bacteria are just a few examples of Chilean products from women-owned companies that can currently be found in the U.S. market. Women´s Economic Empowerment is included in more than 25 trade agreements, and ProChile is an active host and participant in events and trainings focused on the commercial expansion of companies led by women in the United States.
If you would like to learn more about what Chile has to offer, we invite you to follow Chile Connected, the largest virtual trade event ever organized by ProChile. Chile Connected is a virtual business meeting roundtable that seeks to consolidate the U.S. as a key destination for innovative and high value-added Chilean goods and services, such as creative industries, technology, healthy food, women-led businesses, and services.
If you are interested in a product or service from Chile, contact any of our seven offices in the U.S. or just use our One Click Import requests. 

Media Trends Group PR Team
Source: ProChile US