ProBility Media Corp. Announces Intention to Become Current and Provides Company Update

ProBility Media Corp. (OTC PK: PBYA) today announces that it is making efforts to become current with its filing obligations pursuant to Securities Exchange Act Rule 15c-211 and OTC Markets Group Inc. Reporting Guidelines prior to Sept. 28, 2021.
The Company specifically plans to file with the OTC Markets its Annual Disclosure Report for the years ended 2020 and 2021 as well as any Quarterly Disclosure Reports as they become due. The Company’s fiscal year end is May 31.
Going forward, the Company plans to file all reports required of it in order to remain current in its reporting obligations under federal securities law. The Company’s disclosure reports can be found on the OTC Markets website under the symbol “PBYA”.
The Company last reported to shareholders in February 2019. That report indicated the significant challenges that lay ahead for the Company, which included addressing the Company’s outstanding debt and operating losses.
Since that time, the Company has been working to settle its debts, eliminate nonperforming divisions, reduce its overhead and steer the Company in a direction that management believes will result in a cash flow positive revenue position.
About ProBility Media Corp.
ProBility Media Corp. is an education company building the first full-service training and career advancement brand for the skilled trades. Through its divisions One Exam Prep, LLC, North American Crane Bureau Group Inc. and Disco Learning Media Inc., ProBility is aiming to become the first nationwide company addressing test prep, training and education for vocational trades.
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