Private Aviation Boom Gives Platform for Sale is for sale with Warren Mae Premium Domains.
The private flying era is growing at a rapid speed. Modern-day travelers have access to what was only given to the few and the privileged. According to a recent article by Fodor’s, there has been a 90% increase in private flying.  
Companies such as Magellan, WheelsUp, and XOJET are offering perks, membership cards and subscriptions. Private flying offers safer measures during a Covid-era. Jets are targeting forward-thinking flyers, such as travel writer Danielle Bauter, who shares, “I didn’t feel the same type of apprehension that I normally did while flying. There was no crowded boarding line, and no passengers clamoring for a spot for their carry-ons in the overhead bin. From the moment I stepped out of my car and into the private lounge, I felt like a VIP.”
With all the excitement and energy around the growing jetplane industry, there is private aviation buzz. Large mergers are taking place and competition is fierce. “With so many charter fleets trying to stake a claim as leaders of the sky, it all comes down to branding,” states Katie Bond founder of  Warren Mae Premium Domains. Bond goes on to say, “We have what can help. It’s owning an extraordinary .COM. Companies want to stand out to be known. I’m excited to share is for sale. It’s a branding piece of gold that gives sustainability and success in a competitive market.”   
Entrepreneurs and leaders for years have known the value in owning an exceptional .COM.  It is branding at its finest. is an opportunity to stand out in the fast-growing private flying industry. From newly curated private flying companies such as Aero to international private jet mergers like Vista Global, it’s all about finding a way to lead in an expanding field.    
Private aviation experts and leaders, such as Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor in Chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons, shares, “Research with our subscribers show 96% of those who came to private aviation because of COVID now plan to continue flying privately post-pandemic. Many plan to give up the airlines entirely for domestic flights. The biggest challenge is figuring out which programs fit their needs best in a cluttered marketplace where it’s hard for newcomers to gain attention.” Gollan, who helps flyers figure out which providers and programs best fit their needs, said over 60 companies currently offer jet cards and memberships, and there are over 250 programs. 
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