PRET Launches Interactive Realtor Quiz & Mock Exams for Aspiring Realtor Students in British Columbia

Interactive Realtor Quiz & Mock Exams are showing huge success within the Realty course curriculum. Through a unique collaboration between Shane Toews (Licensed Realtor) and Alisha Ilaender (Licensed Realtor & Property Manager).  The co-founders of PRET (Pass Real Estate Today) launch a special quiz functionality to exceed educational standards. Through a series of data-driven analytics on student behavior learning patterns, these techniques are perfect for those who want to spend more time in the Realtor profession.  
“We want to explore new ways to make learning the material fun as well as factual with our engagement platform,” says Alisha Ilaender, co-founder of PRET.
From the Boardroom to Online School Community
PRET has previously worked with students within or around the Fraser Valley area for the last 24 months. However, curriculum content had been operated in-person at the HomeLife Advantage Property Management board room. Due to the challenges that COVID-19 ensued on in-person learning, the two entrepreneurs evolved the paper-driven educational platform into an online powerhouse of educational resources.
Among other things, PRET enhanced the visual representation of complex subject matter relating to the UBC Sauder School of business and the licensing requirements set forth by the BC Real Estate Council (RECBC).
Walk With Confidence Into Your Exam
When students sign up for these Real Estate tutorials, new recruits will be provided with access to class videos, content, and practice questions for as long as it takes to complete the exam. Students can either do the bi-weekly quizzes on their own or wait for the class where Shane Toews or Alisha Ilaender will guide them step-by-step.
“As students across the province have had to adjust to at-home learning, we’re excited to utilize innovative ways to include an audience beyond the Fraser Valley region,” said Shane Toews, co-founder, and Realtor in Chilliwack, BC. “Mock exams and bi-weekly quizzes have been the cornerstone of our 100% passing success ratio.”
Although this course was designed to be an in-person classroom experience, Community Futures, South Fraser has been supportive during the transition required to a post-COVID-19 pandemic.
The company has observed an acceleration in the rate of learning due to the organization and layout of the classroom curriculum. Although the “Mock Exams” are outlined similar to a real-life examination of three hours and 100 questions, students can check their answers along the way to clarify their multiple-choice selection.
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