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Traditional press release distribution has grown beyond its original scope in recent years. While many organizations still utilize the medium to distribute routine corporate news and announcements, others are using press release distribution to construct a larger narrative that helps provide context about the business and frames it in ways that customers and journalists have yet to see.
“Press releases are a great opportunity for business leaders to be the narrator of their own story,” according to Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Each release should take on the voice, tone, and messaging of the brand. It creates a more authentic sounding campaign and gives people who wouldn’t normally engage with a business a brief opportunity to learn and experience the brand.”
Using press release distribution to echo an organization’s brand story helps to add more life, context and color to what otherwise may be a straightforward press release. Despite social media changing the way brands interact with media, the human brain loves good storytelling. Leveraging the affordability of press release distribution is a great way to share those stories in an unexpected way to engage customers and journalists alike.
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