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The modern media and marketing strategy takes on many forms and can have varying objectives depending on the company. What most effective strategies have in common is taking a multifaceted approach, utilizing a number of different mediums to promote a story on more than one front.’s easy and affordable press release distribution services are ideal for businesses looking to build their own media and marketing strategy without spending a huge fortune, providing a cost-effective medium for small businesses to publish their story.
“Despite the different methods businesses are able to utilize to share news, press release distribution still remains among the most authoritative sources, even in 2021,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “For over 10 years, has helped to keep press release distribution a simple and viable option for small businesses looking to share impactful news quickly and easily.”
Media and marketing strategies often have similar goals: increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and get to know the surrounding community. In 2021, the exposure gained from press release distribution also helps to promote events, increase app or software downloads, and help to get to know the surrounding community. 
Press release distribution is also a great way to build trust and credibility in a specific field. A well-thought-out PR campaign offers businesses the opportunity to brand themselves as authoritative figures in a particular industry while at the same time underscoring the unique benefits and the company’s products or services. helps CEOs and business leaders improve their targeting and reach via simple and effective press release distribution services. To learn more about how to create newfound value through press release content, visit
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