Press Gurwitz Perfumerie Unveils New Store in Marathon, Inviting Visitors to Experience the Art of Fragrance

Press Gurwitz Perfumerie, a distinguished American brand of perfumed beauty care and home products, is excited to announce the opening of its newest store in Marathon. The store offers a wide range of perfumes, bath and body products and home fragrances. With the introduction of the new store, Press Gurwitz Perfumerie is now accessible to even more people.
Press Gurwitz Perfumerie is a family business founded in 2019. To create its unique signature scents, PGP uses ingredients from different parts of the world and carefully selects rare oils to get truly exquisite blends. The brand presents perfumes as part of personality, space, architecture, and design. With the right aroma, a person makes a space their own, attractive, and alluring.
With the opening of the new store, Press Gurwitz Perfumerie is now accessible to even more people. The store’s experienced staff is always on hand to help customers find the perfect fragrance for any occasion, whether it’s a signature scent or a unique gift. The brand’s team of expert perfumers and fragrance enthusiasts is passionate about crafting luxurious fragrances that are affordable and accessible to everyone, using the highest quality ingredients.
“We are excited to open our new store in Marathon and bring the world of Press Gurwitz Perfumerie to even more people,” said a spokesperson for the brand, Victor Rakovich. “Fragrance is an art form, and we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best in luxury fragrance.”
Press Gurwitz Perfumerie is a true perfume library of diverse scents, committed to using the world’s best ingredients and rarest oils to create genuinely exquisite fragrances. The brand’s portfolio includes fifteen perfumes, six lines of hair and body care products, and a collection of home fragrances in the form of scented candles and diffusers.
The new store is an opportunity for visitors to experience the world of Press Gurwitz Perfumerie for themselves and immerse themselves in the art of fragrance. The brand invites everyone to come and discover the power of fragrance and express their unique style with the brand’s exceptional scents.
Source: Press Gurwitz Perfumerie