Preschool Recruitment for Children under 4 years in Greater Boston Area

First Path Intensive Pre-School — the early childhood education program at the Watertown First Path Day Care Center, opened Sep.

Why a Preschool Education Is Important

This is a fact: Preschool children are ahead of their new classmates in level of independence and social skills. A high-quality Pre-S program prepares children academically for later school success. Teachers find it easier to teach a child who possesses a preschool education background.

What the basic program of preschool education includes

Arts and Crafts – These are included in the daily activities to encourage the expression of each child’s natural creativity. They involve such materials as paint, glue, crayons, paper, play dough and collage.

Music and Story Reading – Periods provide an environment rich in language. Songs and stories are chosen which reinforce the weekly theme.

Dance – Classes are offered each week. Children participate in creative movement.
Special Activities – These include a weekly session with our music specialist, in which children are encouraged to sing, dance and play instruments.

Free Play – With a teacher’s guidance, we help a child learn to make independent choices and thereby gain self-confidence.

What is First Path Day Care Center

If you are looking for a day care and are in Watertown, MA area you will not find a better school then First Path Day Care Center! Over 20 years First Path Day Care Center has been offering outstanding services not only for local Watertown families.

The secret of First Path’s success is very simple and yet hard to follow for many other schools. At First Path low staff turnover, long term staff focused exclusively on children and families. Children who graduate from First Path gat leads to praises to their parents from the new teachers.

Contact First Path so your child can attend the finest Pre-K program in Watertown!

25 Whites Avenue
Watertown, MA 02472
+1 617-926-4690