PRDA Introduces Social Media Cooperative to Promote Business Social Media Profiles

For more than five years, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) has been aiding businesses with social networking, and the Social Media Cooperative is yet another way for businesses to expand their ever-growing industries. PRDA uses the Social Media Cooperative to cross promote businesses via social networking in order to broaden each company’s spectrum of customers.

The benefits of the Social Media Cooperative are high. When two non-competitive businesses with 500 fans on Facebook exchange posts, messages, and comments with one another, they increase viewership of their own Facebook pages, increase viewership of posts, and increase the number of fans. With this in mind, the higher the number of participants in the Social Media Cooperative, the higher the number of viewership and fan increase.

With PRDA, the Social Media Cooperative will condense advertising into a single entity where they will manage business social networking profiles as well as monitor and respond to any customer questions in a professional manner. On top of that, PRDA will manage a positive focus on business pages by helping assisting with fan complaints and much more.

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