Positive Singles Offers Dating Support to Disabled People With STDs

Positive Singles is a popular online dating portal and it has been running high on several success stories. The site has several verified members and this is why Positive Singles is looking to further expand its reach. The company recently announced that it will be extending help to those who are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases and have some kind of disability, letting them know they can also find the right match here.
Suny Zhang, the CEO of the site, was quoted as saying, “We are aware of how difficult it is to handle the different problems that come when one is suffering from STDs. We want to make things a little easier for them by offering them a companion to tag along. We want to have the right set of features on our site to allow such people to have a shot at living a regular life.”
Positive Singles is looking to boost its member count and it is hopeful that as it continues to improve and expand its services, more and more people will become aware of the site and thereby its member count is sure to increase.
The site surely knows how to keep the balls rolling. There are several valuable resources available on the site too that can educate and inform people regarding the need to value the perks of online dating and also spread awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and how to curb its spread and still live a regular life.
Those who would like to know more about this aspect and even the ones who are willing to check out the different members present on the site should make it a point to visit https://www.positivesingles.com/std/dating-site-for-disabled-people-with-stds.
About Positive Singles
Positive Singles is an online dating portal that has several verified members on the site. The site has plenty of success stories to share its commendable record and Positive Singles is hopeful of seeing an even better growth chart in the times to come.
Source: Positive Singles