Positive Singles app was recommended by Today at the Apple Store

Positive Singles is a popular online dating platform that has more than 2 million members and found back in 2001. This app was featured by Today at the Apple store as a recommended dating app. There is no denying the fact that this app has been doing great because despite suffering from STDs, the members here have managed to divulge details without revealing personal information and found the right partner too.
Suny Jones, the project manager for Positive Singles was quoted as saying, “Being recommended by Today is a big achievement for us and we are happy to see the reactions pour in. We are anticipating a flurry of new members and we are hopeful that they will all enjoy the site and the great set of features that we offer. We look forward to new amazing prospects.”
The app is packed with lots of amazing features like photo feeds, chat room, voice room and most importantly the drift bottle feature. The drift bottle has managed to hog a lot of limelight as it is all about writing something about yourself in a bottle and throwing it into the sea. The bottle then drifts away until it is picked by someone who in turn can directly reach out to you.
The app has managed to keep a lot of people interested about it and they are hopeful that soon enough they will have even more members joining it. The app is aware about the need to keep the details discreet and this is why they also offer the provision of changing the icon of the app and making it some sort of a photo so that other people can’t decode that they are using a dating app meant for people suffering from STDs.
To know more about what the app has to offer or even those who want to choose to sign up at the site and try their luck should make it a point to visit https://app.appsflyer.com/id1419085637?pid=pspr
About Positive Singles
Positive Singles was founded back in 2001 and they have managed to become a massively popular site. They are the top choice for those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and are on the lookout to find the right partner.
Source: PositiveSingles.com