PORT Network: The First dApp to Harness Sustainable Processing Power for Both Cloud and Volunteer Computing

With an ever-increasing demand for computing power, PORT Network launches the first dApp to merge both Cloud and Volunteer computing on the blockchain.

The demand for increased computing power is growing at an exponential rate. Industries such as IoT, Pharmaceutical, AI, 3D Image Processing and Deep Learning all require huge bandwidth in a non-restrictive and cost-efficient approach.
This is where PORT Network seeks to break new ground. PORT Network is the first decentralized P2P application which unites both Cloud and Volunteer computing on the blockchain.
Unused computational power from individuals and businesses can be sold for the native token, PORT. Private and Corporate companies can then purchase this unused resource to increase their bandwidth and computing power. In short, PORT not only incentivizes sustainable resource sharing but allows enterprises to focus their energies on building.
This allows corporations, often in scientific fields, the extra computing power needed to perform intricate calculations at high speed in a fraction of the time compared to in-house computers. The PORT Network offers a scalable solution and consumers can purchase as little or as much power as required. The opportunities and savings this creates are enormous with the benefits being tangible across all industries and sectors.
“Sustainable energy is the future,” said CEO Janusz Siuda. He continued:
“The PORT Network utilizes unused computing power. This gives consumers both the extra power when needed but also helps to create an environment-friendly ecosystem.”
The Benefits of PORT Network
PORT Token Sale
Currently ongoing is the PORT Token Sale. PORT Network have made available 50,000,000 PORT tokens of the 100,000,000 in existence to be sold in a stage-based deployment. PORT Network have set a hard cap of 22,500,000 USD, and the token sale will run until Q4 of 2021.
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