Pool Removal Sinkhole Questions Answered By Pool Demolition Contractor

A pool demolition contractor at Dirt Connections recently released a blog answering questions about the possibility of sinkholes appearing after a pool removal. Pool removal sinkholes are a common concern that can be easily avoided if your pool removal contractor is a high quality professional who understands how to best handle sinkhole prevention.

An experienced pool removal contractor will take several steps to ensure that your pool is properly removed and creates limited opportunities for a sinkhole to appear. They may install filter cloth over the rubble remaining at the bottom of the pool to prevent fill dirt from settling too far into the pool cavity. Settling can cause disruptions in the structure of the filling in later years. The contractor will also use a trench roller to compact the dirt in the most secure manner, helping avoid loosening later. These techniques create a tight seal over the cavity your pool leaves behind, preventing sinkholes and creating a solid foundation over which you can install a patio, garden, or other outdoor feature.

Fill dirt is an important tool in the pool removal process. This material has been sifted through to remove large particles, including rocks and organic matter, that could create gaps in the pool cavity’s filling. It can be easily compacted to create a level, tightly pressed surface that is not prone to cracking or moving. Other types of dirt that contain these materials may settle over time, creating the possibility of damage to your backyard. Fill dirt, meanwhile, is an affordable and readily available option that helps form a sturdy filling for your pool removal process.

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