Pony Oil, LLC CEO John Paul Merritt to Speak at World Oilman’s MARC Conference

CEO of Dallas based-mineral aggregator Pony Oil John Paul Merritt, along with other top professionals in the oil and gas industry, is looking forward to discussing this “New World of Minerals” at the MARC Mineral & Royalty Conference on April 19 and 20.
This past year has been one of uncertainty for the oil and gas industry – what does 2021 look like? The MARC Conference will host oil & gas industry leaders, attorneys, landmen, and financial professionals to discuss and help better understand the outlook for 2021 in regard to the Oil & Gas industry, specifically minerals. For the mineral company, the future starts with the landowner.
At Pony Oil, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our landowners and understand that family property is sensitive and unique. Being family-owned and operated gives us the ability to put ourselves in our landowner’s shoes, so we take every available option and present that to your family. At the MARC Conference, John Paul and other leaders in the mineral industry will share their “boots to the ground” stories of how assets are bought and sold.
Find out more about the conference at https://mineralconference.com/.
About Pony Oil
Pony Oil is an independent mineral investment company founded by John Paul Merritt and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Pony Oil currently conducts operations in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. Since 2012, Pony Oil has acquired over 40,000 net royalty acres.
For more information, please visit www.ponyoil.com.
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Source: Pony Oil, LLC