Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Walkthrough Part 7

This is really just storyline and discussing how to do jobs. The next video will actully show me doing a few jobs. Now about the wondermail code you may have heard about. I got it off of Pokekev190 and I greatly thank him for this code. You can ask him, he’s got something to make codes with or something. I did forget that I can’t reqruit Pokemon but I will get it shortly and I will have it in hopefully 2 to 4 parts. It will be my third Pokemon and of course a Skarmory would be perfect for team Skarmory. The wonder mail code if your interested is &9#Y M&8# -T+Q 0NK% %HY= F2M= Thank You and Enjoy PS Why the Flygons can’t I type in a tag that is 1 number. EDIT: People don’t give me wondermail, I can get my own now.

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