Plethora releases an in-depth infographic on key Business Skills

As the world of work reels from the effects of the pandemic that is adding fuel to the already disrupted workplace, it is about time global businesses invest in the skill development of their workforce and promote a learning culture to achieve a competent and future-ready workforce.

In terms of the skills needed to succeed in today’s climate, Business skills have emerged as an all-important aspect of the workforce’s development, as having certain in-demand business skills is sure to impact the performance and productivity of the workforce.
In its latest infographic titled ‘Business Skills’, Plethora highlights the criticality of business skills training and puts the spotlight on few of the most in-demand business skills sought by businesses today.

Although the importance of certain business skills varies depending on the organization and domain, business skills are essentially the skills employees need to understand consumer behavior and align organizational goals to achieve growth and success.
Often cited as ‘soft skills’, business skills include skills ranging from leadership, change management, team management, communication, among others, and are primarily important for leadership and management roles. The ‘Business Skills’ infographic from Plethora serves as a valuable resource and guide for HR and L&D pros to understand the value of business skills training, while also offering in-depth information on what types of business skills competitors look for in today’s employees.

With more than half of the global workforce expected to be made up of millennials by 2025, businesses will increasingly face the challenge of finding the right kind of talent to bridge the skills gap. And, having a future-ready workforce by offering professional development opportunities in the form of skilling programs is a must-have in today’s corporate landscape.

The ‘Business Skills’ infographicis available for viewing here