Plethora launches a unique Knowledge Video series titled ‘TTalks’

Learning from the major reports doing the industry trade rounds, it is certain that the most pressing issue for today’s businesses is ensuring continued growth in the face of changing trends and constant disruptions. And, the growth and success of any business is a direct result of its employees’ performance and productivity, which in turn calls for their continuous reskilling and upskilling.

Given the constantly changing nature of work and workplace disruption, Plethora has introduced a unique new video series titled ‘TTalks’ that will explore all the latest trends and happenings in the world of employee skills development, right from the need for effective online learning content, the benefits of online content libraries to discussing the top skilling courses and L&D tips and hacks to improve employee skilling.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that global business must look at enforcing more effective strategies for workplace disruptions and digital transformation to achieve the desired agility to keep up with the pace.

The latest episodes of TTalks explore the state of employee skilling in times of the pandemic and highlight the need of digital transformation, and adopting a continuous skilling culture in an organization as well as the value of soft skills for the distributed workforce.

Going ahead, through the TTalks series, Plethora hopes to address the key questions pertaining to skills gap challenges, transforming the skill development ecosystem, defining and adopting efficient, scalable and sustainable employee skilling programs, advantages of learning technology solutions and eLearning programs, the limitless availability of online learning resources and more.

By providing unique perspectives from the point of view of the end users and discussing the urgency of streamlining the skilling process with off-the-shelf learning content, Plethora hopes to help L&D pros and businesses alike understand the need to prioritize employee development to improve the odds of success in today’s competitive business environment.

Plethora’s TTalks series is available for viewing here.