Please NO MORE TRAFFIC ” SERVER MELTDOWN! Free traffic Exposed Please NO MORE TRAFFIC ” SERVER MELTDOWN! Free traffic Exposed ******************************************************************************* Fifty percent of businesses fail within the first 5 years. Starting a retail business is costly, time-consuming and very risky. The internet boom is a blessing for people looking to become their own boss, gone are the old days of large investments needed to create a business, now with a few clicks of a button you can join the new rich who don’t open restaurants, stores or chains. The new rich make money online, and you can too! Here are 8 great ways to make money online with little or no money down. 1. Sell Products Do you have a product to sell? Now is the time to set up an online store, stores are set up with a few clicks and you can sell through PayPal to save the hassle of opening a merchant account, a PayPal shopping cart gets you selling fast. If setting up an online store doesn’t appeal to you, you can sell through 3rd party sites such as Amazon or Ebay, the commission rates are a little higher than your own store, however your products will receive great visibility and support. 2. Affiliate Marketing E Products If you don’t have a product of your own to sell Affiliate Marketing is for you! As an Affiliate marketer you are selling other peoples products or services and receiving a commission for doing so. You never have to touch a physical product, or deal with customers and returns; you simply sell and