Plafills is an All-You-Can-Watch Indie Film Subscription Service for 698 Yen per Month

Jism Inc. (Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, CEO: Junya Matsushita), a film production company, will launch “Plafills” on Dec. 24, 2021, a subscription service specializing in independent films, with the concept of “From Indies to the World,” aiming to distribute independent films to the world.
Find unlimited access to indie films from around the world for 698 yen/month.
In recent years, subscription services for video distribution have diversified, and people now enjoy a wide variety of films online and can easily watch them from their computers or smartphones. “Plafills,” a new movie distribution service to be launched by Jism this winter, specializes in domestic and international indie films that are not easily handled by major video distribution services. For a monthly fee of 698 yen (tax included), registered members can enjoy unlimited access to a variety of genres, including Japanese and foreign short films, full-length films, dramas, and documentaries. Because Jism is based in the U.S., it will also emphasize the distribution of independent western films that are difficult to find on other services. Enjoy the encounter with new talents who have not yet attracted attention and who could become famous directors in the future.
Support filmmakers and directors. Distribute independent films to the world for free.
Jism supports independent film creators through “Plafills.” On this site, creators and directors can distribute their work for free and deliver it to users around the world. In addition, Jism will support them in delivering Japanese and English subtitles. Jism will actively collaborate with creators and directors to produce goods and plan events.
Not only will the delivered films be viewed by users, but the creators will also be rewarded according to their cumulative viewing time. Jism will continue to develop and strengthen its service not only as a platform for distributing indie films, but also to help creators produce future works.
Aiming to be the NFT market platform for independent films
Plafills is also preparing to launch an app version. In 2022, it aims to update its service to connect indie films with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) so that users can purchase ownership of video content. Plafills aims to create a system where people can earn royalties as the content they own becomes popular and the number of views increases. Plafills will be announcing funding updates on its official website as needed. Please keep an eye out for future developments.
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Launch Date: Dec. 24, 2021
Fee: 698 yen/month
Jism Inc.
Head office: 818 W 7th St., Ste. 930, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Junya Matsushitainfo@jisminc.us
Source: Jism Inc.