Pitroda Art launches its online gallery for contemporary art

Why Pitroda?

Sam Pitroda, 76, renowned tech guru and godfather of innovation in India enters the art world with a visionary project, Pitroda Art, to bring creative talent to the global market. “We are launching a major initiative to sell emerging art from emerging artists in emerging markets to the world,” says Pitroda. “There is a new wave of contemporary art; emerging art that empowers energizes, and enlightens a future of creativity. This is the art we are seeking,” he adds.

This legendary inventor, visionary, art collector and artist from India is combining all of his passions into a new global platform. Together with Carolina Pozo (Ecuadorian) and Sonja Miokovic (Serbian-Canadian), these three passionate art-lovers are on the pursuit of creativity around the world. “Our artists are absolutely fabulous. Their work is superb. Many of them have spent a lifetime working in different media. But some of them don’t get the kind of exposure they need,” shares Pitroda, “This is what we want to change.”

Today marks the launch of Pitroda Art, a platform committed to exhibiting the art scenes of different countries — one that goes beyond the art and into the story of the artist and their creations. Pitroda Art discovers local talent and takes their creativity global, creating a growing & unparalleled collection of contemporary art from every corner of the world. “Art is a language that knows no boundaries. A great way to connect people, ideas and the human experience,” says Miokovic. “You can expect thought provoking monthly curated art collections from our global quest to uncover creativity.”

The debut Collection shines a spotlight on Costa Rican art. “A fusion without limits,” writes local Tica art critic Emilia Fung Díaz. This first collection has been carefully curated to identify the top 9 contemporary artists in Costa Rica and their best art work. “We have a great responsibility in promoting the orange economy and creative industries worldwide. Abstract contemporary art, I believe, has great value. We live in a time of complexity where realism isn’t the only way to look at the way we are living. Contemporary art, is an international language. Which is something that has been captured in this first Collection,” says Pozo. “We value the story of the artists themselves and their lived experience”

There is an open call to collectors and art lovers around the world to visit the online gallery and acquire the best contemporary art from Costa Rica.

The upcoming Collections include artists from: Serbia, India, and Ecuador. The platform is available in 8 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Sam Pitroda – Artist & Collector
Sam is an internationally renowned inventor and tech guru, most notably known as the man that connected India by inventing the digital switch for the telephone. Sam’s love for the arts dates back to his childhood, where creativity was an outlet that complemented his math and science background. He is an avid international collector and has a love for abstract and geometrically inspired works. Sam has been painting for over 30 years and has created hundreds of pieces and thousands of sketches. The mixing of colors and the movement of the brush became a therapeutic reprieve from his hectic schedule.

“Creating offers me the opportunity to see and represent the world in a different and unique way.”

Sonja Miokovic – Curator & Creator
Sonja grew up in an art gallery where she lived and breathed creativity as a child. What she loves most about the artistic process is the conversation with oneself while creating. As a social scientist and serial entrepreneur, creativity fuels her endeavors and feeds her love for putting unsuspecting things together. She has curated many shows with international artists, paints, dabbles in printmaking, silversmithing and sculpture. Having travelled to over 75 countries, visiting art galleries is the way she connects with places. She wishes she had more wall space to showcase her growing collection.

“I am addicted to the mysteries behind falling in love with a piece of art at first sight.”

Carolina Pozo – Art Hunter & Story Gatherer
A lifelong art hunter that comes from a family of Latin American art collectors. She travels globally to discover and meet local artists, buy their art and engage with them to tell their stories. As a social entrepreneur she values the power of creativity for development and has led city-wide public policy and programs in her home city Quito, to promote cultural development and empower citizens working in the orange economy. She loves sketching with charcoal and ink, and has taken art history and drawing classes in Ecuador, Italy and Canada.

“There is nothing more exciting than a white canvas.”

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