Pipette.com Has Added New Conical Tubes and Cell Culture Incubators to Their Ecommerce Platform

With a history of excellence and over 20 years of experience in calibrating pipettes, Pipette.com is the largest independent pipette calibration facility on the West Coast. Pipette.com is also a distributor for several manufacturers of pipettes, pipette tips, test tubes, and lab equipment. Pipette.com has now added multiple new multichannel pipettes to their e-commerce platform.
Pipette.com has added new Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes. Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes provide the reliability, security, and convenience expected out of centrifuge tubes. These centrifuge tubes have everything that users need for their experiments – the lids offer secure seals, the plastic is durable, and the markings are accurate. The design of these tubes means that they can survive hot, cold, and up to 17,000 x g. Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes are made with FDA-approved resin. They use specific plastic to allow for extra clarity and durability, while their manufacturing methods further ensure that customers receive only clean, contaminant-free, reliable, and sterile tubes that can be trusted to hold their samples without concern.
In addition to new conical tubes, Pipette.com has added several new manufacturers of centrifuge tubes. Pipette.com has added new Labcon, CellTreat, NEST, MTC Bio, and their own Pipette.com centrifuge tube brands. Centrifuge tubes can be designed in many different ways and manufactured with different materials. Pipette.com offers centrifuge tubes manufactured with the highest quality polypropylene, polystyrene, and glass to suit any type of storage or material handling need. Some brands include racked packaging, catering to a more environmentally friendly re-usable rack system. Combining the efforts of creating a green product while retaining full utilization, companies are now adapting products to be more conscious of the environment without sacrificing any functionality.
Lastly, Pipette.com is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Facility that calibrates and repairs all pipette brands and models. Pipette.com also provides companies best-in-class functionality with their Calibration Software for the management and performance of calibrations and maintenance. Pipette.com’s Calibration Management Software Cloud infrastructure enables calibration and documentation to be processed in real-time, increasing efficiencies and productivity, while reducing costs.
Source: Pipette.com