Pipe Organ and Fountains at Longwood Gardens

Organist Justin Hartz plays “Fountain Reverie” by Percy Fletcher on the 10010-pipe Aeolian organ located in the Grand Ballroom at Longwood Gardens. Music with video of the magnificent fountains. This piece is on the CD program of “Hartz and Flowers” – cat # CD 7024 on the PRO ORGANO label. It may be purchased by linking to www.zarex.com – and by entering 7024 in the Search Box, this will bring up the product page with complete details. The complete 30-minute video – available on VHS NTSC format only – is also available at www.zarex.com . To pull up product details and purchase links, enter 9002 in the Search Box. Justin Hartz has served as one of the “regular” organists – and one of the most popular, too – at Longwood Gardens. The Grand Ballroom opens on one side to a floral conservatory. Longwood Gardens is open to the public as a key tourist attraction south of Philadelphia, but at one time was the private estate of the DuPont family.

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