Pioneering Company Lift Foils Announces New 2021 eFoil Lineup and Launches the LIFT3, Its Most Advanced and Novel eFoil

Lift Foils, the world’s leading eFoil company, today announces the launch of its 2021 eFoil lineup. Lift Foils has spent over a decade creating extraordinary foiling experiences and released its original eFoil in 2018. The eFoil is a surfboard powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery and electric propulsion system that allows riders to levitate over water. As the first company to bring this groundbreaking watercraft to market, Lift continues to push boundaries at the forefront of a worldwide revolution in surf with its newest eFoil lineup. 
Lift’s 2021 eFoil board lineup includes the LIFT2, LIFT3 (both now available for purchase), and the LIFT3 Elite (shipping in June 2021), granting riders an enjoyable personalized experience and the sensation of surfing and flying all in one. The eFoil is easy for people of all athletic capabilities to learn, and with five-day global shipping, anyone can effortlessly experience the incredible sensation of soaring over the water. The 2021 lineup’s enhancements and varying price points make it all that much better.
After three years of board design and customer feedback, the LIFT3 has now officially come to life. The LIFT3 is the most advanced and innovative eFoil yet and offers best-in-class specifications across all product categories: durability, weight, maneuverability, battery life, customization, and speed. 
Upgraded construction
The LIFT3 boards are made from a proprietary carbon fiber blend engineered specifically for eFoil performance. They also feature enhanced carbon masts and upgraded carbon fiber electronic boxes. Lift Foils has always offered the most durable eFoils, but the new carbon fiber build makes the LIFT3 50% stronger, for truly best-in-class durability.
New board sizes
The LIFT3 boards come in four new sizes: 4’2 Pro, 4’9 Sport, 5’4 Cruiser, 5’9 Explorer. These boards feature an updated shape for increased aerodynamics and maneuverability. Combined with the upgraded construction, the new sizes reduce the weight by 30% making the LIFT3 boards the lightest eFoil options on the market.
Dynamic wing options
Lift has also launched nine new wings as part of its 2021 lineup, including three of its acclaimed high aspect wings. Carefully crafted for effectiveness, stability, and performance, the wings attach to the eFoil mast. The shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience offering a true balance between efficiency and turning. All wings are interchangeable across the LIFT2 and LIFT3 and work for multiple foil disciplines, including surfing, eFoiling, or sailing, allowing Lift to provide the most customizable eFoil experience.
Enhanced electronics and propulsion
The LIFT3 electronics and propulsion system has been completely upgraded for enhanced speed and efficiency. Like former models, the LIFT3 is still electric-powered and noise- and emissions-free, to minimize disturbing the environment. The new eFoils are the fastest models out there with 35mph/55kmh ride speeds, and have the longest-lasting battery life, offering 2 hours of ride time.
The LIFT3 is available for purchase on Lift’s website for $12,000* and via Lift resellers and affiliates, and begins shipping on March 29th, 2021. All of the new wings and accessories are also compatible with the existing LIFT2, which is now available at a new lower price of $10,900.
LIFT3 Elite
Shipping in June 2021, the LIFT3 Elite will be the most sophisticated eFoil in the market. These boards will incorporate the same updates as the LIFT3, as well as an upgraded carbon fiber hand controller with a soft rubber grip, an adjustable milled titanium trigger, and a colored display with speed and GPS location functions to pair nicely with the company’s improved app.
These boards will also have an enhanced carbon fiber prop and shroud, featuring a quick-release mechanism that allows for swapping various components in seconds with no hardware needed. The tailored cases that come with the LIFT3 Elite are lightweight with high-performance removable wheels, all of which can be easily broken down for storage. The LIFT3 Elite boards and accompanying accessories will come at a $14,000* price tag.
Lift Founder and CEO Nick Leason notes, “Even though 2020 brought a lot of uncertainty, our eFoils continued to create exceptional experiences for riders everywhere, as people were able to get out there to explore and enjoy nature while staying socially distant. We’re constantly evolving and innovating, and we’re ecstatic about bringing the LIFT3 to market. Our most advanced and sophisticated eFoil yet gives our community of fans and riders around the world more choices to carve out unique adventures.”
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More about Lift
Lift launched ten years ago and is the maker of the original eFoil and finest performance classic hydrofoils, building custom foils, wings, and boards for discerning customers who want the best out of their gear. Lift is a dedicated innovator in both performance and technology and believes in the growth of foiling and the possibilities of making user-friendly foil boards for everyone. 
 2021 eFoil lineup specs
LIFT3 Elite
Upgraded lighter and higher-end carbon fiber
Ride time
Up to 2 hrs
Battery charging time
1.5 hrs
Maximum speed
25 mph
35 mph / 55kmh
New Features
2 years
Price (USD)
*MSRP in US Dollars; All prices are contingent on local currency
2021 wing specs
Wing Name
60 Surf V2
A specialty wing for big wave tow surfing. The fastest wing in the lineup.  
100 Surf V2
A specialty wing for the eFoil for Pro riders who are looking to go fast and cut aggressive turns. Pair it with the 32 Glide. 
150 Surf V2 
An excellent choice for sportier eFoil riding. The 150 has a perfect wingspan to match the LIFT3 board lineup. It offers excellent speed, carving, and efficiency.
200 Surf V2
The “bread and butter.” Foiling isn’t about going fast or slow; it’s about the balance under your feet and the glide. This wing is the true magic carpet that does it all while feeling amazing. 
250 Surf V2 
For eFoiling, this wing can offer a lot more stability and lower riding. Perfect for schools and beginners. It can also be paired with a shorter board to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds. 
300 Surf V2 (a.k.a. 300 Sea Pig) 
This is a must-have for teaching: everyone can fly with this wing. It’s the most efficient wing available, and it’s a lot of fun to ride.
200 High Aspect
A middle ground for float without too much drag, so you can keep up your speed and connect on every wave available. For eFoils, this wing will give you serious ride time.
170 High Aspect
The little brother to the Lift 200 High Aspect, with greater speed and more efficiency. This is a shop favorite that’s great for all disciplines. For eFoiling, this wing offers top efficiency and runs pretty fast. It certainly takes some practice, but it’s extremely gratifying once you become familiar with it.
120 High Aspect
This is a specialty wing for those who like to push the limits, whether surfing or sailing. This wing takes some getting used to, but after a few sessions, you start to unlock the potential of this amazing ride. Built with a specialty premium carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity at a smaller size.
Source: Lift Foils