Pinecrest Lakes Academy names Foxhole Holding Group to help keep its students safe

Reopening a school each fall can be a difficult task in normal times, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes even more challenging. Around the community, there are worried parents, frightened students and unsettled faculty. School administrators are working around the clock to think of creative ways to ensure the safety of everyone who walks their halls.

Pinecrest Lakes Academy in Minneola has a solution to keep its students and staff safe – it will deeply clean and disinfect the entire campus every day. The school is taking the extra step by bringing in O-Zone Sanitization, the most advanced cleaning system, into its classrooms daily to make sure students, parents and teachers have the best chance of staying healthy.

“There isn’t anything more important to us than the health and wellness of our student body and entire staff,” said Christina Alcalde, principal of Pinecrest Lakes Academy. “In these trying times, we want to make every move possible to put everyone at ease and ensure our students continue to receive the top-tier education we’re known for. That’s why we’ve turned to Foxhole Holding Group to provide its revolutionary cleaning process every single day.”

The O-Zone Sanitization process works without the aid of harsh chemicals, yet effectively prevents COVID-19, sanitizes all surfaces and penetrates into cracks, ventilation and other hard-to-reach areas. Ozone is a natural, eco-friendly oxidant that dissolves mold, bacteria and viruses safely and organically. It’s 10 times stronger than chlorine for disinfecting surfaces and the results are proven. In a major research study conducted by the department of Diagnostics and Public Health at the University of Verona, Ozone proved to be almost 100 percent effective in eliminating the Sars-CoV-2 virus on surfaces, preventing COVID-19 from spreading. The cleaning process leaves behind no residue or harmful chemicals, so it’s completely safe for students and teachers to occupy the building immediately afterward.

Foxhole Holding Group is the only commercial cleaning company in Central Florida to use the O-Zone Sanitization process.

Napila Altman, the founder and president of Foxhole Holding Group, said she is delighted to be helping out Pinecrest Lakes Academy school.

“Education is of the utmost importance to us and we’re proud to help Pinecrest Lakes Academy keep its doors safely open to students eager to learn,” said Altman. “Foxhole Holding Group has been providing deep cleaning services to restaurants, medical facilities and offices since the pandemic has started. We’re looking to continue expanding to other schools and companies to ensure students and employees can remain healthy while adapting to the new normal.”

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