Piggy the Bunny — Music: “The Old Couple Pt. 1” by JLZ (Please read the description)

The other day (07/05/2012) at 5 pm I walked out of my house and found a little white rabbit on my lawn. At first I thought she might have been wild but then notice she was just grazing and staying in a small area…I tried to catch her but because of all the pain in my legs/joints it was hard for me to stoop down fast enough…After trying to catch her for ½ hour; I left to go to the grocery store. When I came back ½ hour later she was still there… I work from home and had a phone appointment at 6 pm, so I went in the house and took care of business until 7:30 pm. When I went out the door again, there was the bunny, still on my lawn. At this point I embarked on an all out quest to try to get her into a little box, because it was obvious she was a house bunny. I spent over an hour trying to coral her on my lawn using a bunch of store-all boxes…However, she kept scampering from one place to the next. Finally she went under a big bush I have in the front of the house. I corralled her there with the boxes but the bush was to low for me squeeze under, and too deep for me to reach her. Now it was 8:40 pm and tired and hurting I made an opening in the boxes and the bunny scampered back out to the yard… When I tried to follow her she suddenly made a dash and ran out into the middle of the street. The cars literally had to go into the center divider to avoid hitting her… I was thinking omg she’s going to die! Finally she made it all the way across to the school on the

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