Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Offers New Prototyping Special

Manufacturers have known for more than a century that if they need custom, precision-made washers, shims, or precision stampings, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is the place to go.
But what if they’re trying something new, and just need a few custom pieces to test? The answer is still Phoenix Specialty.
Now offering a new prototyping special, customers can order 25 pieces for a flat fee of $250. Assuming the new prototype proceeds to full production, that $250 charge will be credited to the full production order, if the order is placed within 90 days.
All prototype parts will be manufactured according to the customer’s print or sample and made to the same Phoenix quality customers have come to expect.
To qualify for the prototype program, an order must meet certain requirements, such as:
Beyond that, customers receive the same Phoenix benefits they’re accustomed to trusting. That of course includes no additional tooling charges or hidden fees. For details, visit
About Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing
Since 1907, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been the leading supplier of custom parts to America’s Original Equipment Manufacturers. Located in Bamberg, South Carolina, Phoenix delivers high-quality precision parts – all made in the USA. Serving all industries, this business has manufactured millions of parts, for thousands of customers worldwide. With an extensive raw materials inventory and an in-house tool & die shop, Phoenix has the capability to produce specialty parts fast. Offering a written Risk-Free Promise and a Managed Inventory System, Phoenix Specialty has made sourcing custom components easy for more than a century. For more, visit
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Bamberg, SC 29003
(803) 245-5116
Source: Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co.