PhishCloud Announces Strategic Partnership With FOUR18 Intelligence to Train the Next Generation of Cyber Security Analysts

PhishCloud, Inc., an IT Security Services company that empowers people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can quickly respond to that threat, and delivers targeted education to reduce the risk of phishing attacks, today announced a strategic partnership with FOUR18 Intelligence Corp., a cyber security product and services company, that will allow FOUR18 to incorporate PhishCloud into their FOURSight crowdsourced analysis platform to deliver live, anonymized phishing data for use in training cyber threat analysts in their TradeCraft program.
PhishCloud and FOUR18 are partnering to fill the massive talent void in cyber-attack detection, hunting and response.  FOUR18’s TradeCraft Cyber Threat Analyst Training and Live Internship Program, powered by PhishCloud and the FOURSight platform, combines up-to-date training in attacker tradecraft and attack campaigns with real-time coaching and analytics tools in a live threat data internship in FOURSight to develop hands-on skills of new cyber analysts and incumbent front-line critical infrastructure workers. Having completed an inaugural pilot of the service in the first half of 2021, the partners successfully trained and placed more than 80% of a class of beginner analysts from rural Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky into their first jobs as remote cyber analysts. PhishCloud and FOUR18 are now delivering the TradeCraft program as a standalone program to workforce boards or as a bolt-on to a college cyber training/certification program and to employers looking to hire, develop and retain skilled cyber talent.
PhishCloud CEO Terry McCorkle, who spent 15 years of his career as an ethical hacker with the U.S. military and Fortune 500 companies, said, “The resources gap within IT has reached a critical stage and PhishCloud is pleased to partner with FOUR18 to develop the next generation of cyber security analysts. Because we deliver the broadest phishing protection available in the market today, analysts in training get hands-on experience with phishing attacks across all digital platforms.”
Commenting on the partnership, FOUR18 Founder and CEO Mark Jaster added, “The partnership with PhishCloud enables us to offer an unmatched experience in cyber training and skills development because users get to analyze and mitigate real, live, suspicious cyber threats minutes after they are first observed in the wild and while they are actively seeking victims. This is unprecedented and completely levels the playing field for people from all backgrounds and locales in competing for jobs as cyber analysts. These opportunities are out of reach for most of them today, even after completing certifications programs, because they cannot demonstrate the prior hands-on experience that employers seek in 95% of hiring decisions.”
About PhishCloud
PhishCloud, Inc., an IT security services company, makes people a key ingredient in security architecture, not the weakest link, giving IT both visibility and confidence in how their people work every day. PhishCloud provides tools that empower people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can quickly respond to that threat, and delivers targeted education to reduce the risk of phishing attacks. PhishCloud delivers comprehensive visibility into phishing attacks across all digital threat vectors so IT can respond to and block phishing threats that people see in real-time.  PhishCloud then delivers real-time, reality-based training so that training is targeted, meaningful and teaches people their role in an organization’s security architecture. Learn more here.
About FOUR18 Security
FOUR18 Intelligence is an innovator in cyber workforce development and talent access. Its unique FOURSight platform transforms cyber defense by incentivizing humans and machines to aggregate insights on cyber threats and provide collective judgment rapidly at scale with actionable intelligence. The technology grew out of applied R&D sponsored by the US Intelligence Community and the Department of Homeland Security in gamified crowdsourcing methods, and is now in use to accelerate skills development in cyber threat hunting and analysis for individuals and teams, and to bring an on-demand talent option to these problems for consumers and organizations of all sizes. Learn more here.
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