Phidal Is Stimulating Young Minds With New Space Jam Books

Phidal, a renowned children’s book publisher, has bolstered their distinct My Busy Books collection with a new Space Jam books addition: Space Jam: A New Legacy. With the popular upcoming film just days away from release, this piece of Space Jam 2 merchandise is promised to provide hours of fun for young readers.
Phidal’s new Space Jam 2 Busy Book offers 10 pages of interactive reading, a storybook, Looney Tunes figurines, and even a LeBron James Space Jam 2 figurine for young sports fans. While many Space Jam books on the market cater to younger children, Phidal is among the few to bring the Tune Squad characters to growing toddlers.
Phidal’s My Busy Books collection contains a set of 10-page busy books with interactive elements to keep toddlers engaged. There are plenty of recognizable titles, including Moana, Minions, Frozen, and Toy Story, to fit a wide range of childhood favorites.
Every set comes with a playmat and figurines of renowned characters within children’s literature, such as Peppa Pig, Curious George, and several more from the Disney and Nickelodeon worlds.
According to their publishing team, some books are activity-based to keep children hooked, and others are designed strictly to advance reading levels. Phidal’s collective mix of best-selling and original titles is fitting for parents looking to grant their child the simple joy of an amazing story, while helping them to polish their creativity and cognitive skills.
Phidal offers a diverse set of offerings, ranging from puzzle and sticker books to bath time stories and classic tales. As one of the leading online bookstores for children’s learning, their selection focuses on educating young minds by stimulating their imagination.
Interested readers are invited to visit for a look into Phidal’s new Space Jam 2 Busy Book and Space Jam figurines.
About Phidal
Since 1979, Phidal has been creating durable, colorful, and interactive children’s books that ignite imaginations and encourage a love of reading from a young age. Collections include classic stories based off of favorite characters from Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon, as well as original books with whole new adventures for children to explore.
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