phData Announces Traverse, a Free Onboarding Accelerator That Helps Snowflake Data Cloud Users Better Understand Role Hierarchy

phData, Inc. announced today the launch of Traverse, an onboarding accelerator that helps users and administrators better understand roles and privileges in the Snowflake Data Cloud. 
Traverse is the first application of its kind to help Snowflake users more easily understand role hierarchy. It provides a graphical, drillable view, clearly showing users, roles, databases, schemas, warehouses, and their relationships.
“We are very excited to bring this free tool to the market and help Snowflake users get their work done faster and more efficiently,” said Brock Noland, VP of Internal Engineering at phData. “Traverse makes it easier to understand, use, and fix the privileges in Snowflake while helping individual users see how their data can be accessed and by whom.”
Historically, creating and auditing privileges in Snowflake with many users was extremely difficult and tedious, especially for organizations with sensitive data. Gathering information on user, role, and object privileges would often require writing complex SQL queries.
Traverse works by gathering account information within Snowflake and turning it into a graph that shows a visual representation of any particular user’s Snowflake account. With Traverse, every Snowflake user can easily answer questions like:
“My sincere hope is that this free tool helps Snowflake users demystify who has access to what in the platform,” said Brock.
Interested in getting hands-on experience with Traverse? Test drive the application today by visiting the demo account.
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