Pete Chaytor’s new book, ‘Black Winter’, is the enthralling tale of a grotesque brute of a man who embraces an exiled young girl facing the dangers of the wild

Pete Chaytor, a Canadian-born husband and father of two who loves docile wildlife, has completed his new book, “Black Winter”: a gripping tale of an outcasted man and an exiled girl who comes to depend on him.
Chaytor details Vidar’s beginnings with Freya, saying, “I walked with the little one under my skins and in the curve of my arm for a very long time. My mind had been preoccupied, and I had not kept track of the steps, so I did not have an accurate measure of how far we had traveled. When I felt the little one began to stir, I knew she would soon find her way back from her deep sleep and awaken, so it was time for me to look for a shelter for us to temporarily take refuge. There was nothing around here in this flat land but forest, so I would have to construct something. At that moment, a fine, majestic old pine tree presented itself in front of me. It was tall and very broad on the bottom with large drooping limbs touching the ground. I used my blade to chop limbs from nearby pines to weave into those of the old pine’s lower branches to create a cover. It was difficult work using only one arm, and the chopping of limbs grossly dulled the edges of my blade.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Pete Chaytor’s enthralling tale pulls on the heartstrings and ignites empathy for these two unlikely misfit friends.
Voluntarily taking on the responsibility of caring for this young girl, Vidar faces the challenge of finding food, warmth and shelter for his small charge. Chaytor explains, “The brute is willing to stand before man, the beasts of the wild, and the relentless Black Winter’s bitter cold and storms that rage for days to protect his charge. Despite having never experienced any compassion during his wretched life, Vidar is a good and decent man, and his love of this girl fuels his resolve. He willingly faces every adversity and adversary with a ferocity that is tempered only by the knowledge she will not survive without him.”
Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “Black Winter” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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