Perth Mining Companies Are Desperate for Staff to Fill High-Paying Jobs. Experts Explain What’s on Offer

According to leading labour hire company, Techforce, WA based mines are so desperate for staff, they are now offering incredible benefits to entice workers including salaries of up to $300,000 AUD per year and the option to fly in and fly out (FIFO) for 6 months of the year. With a wide range of roles available including trades such as rigger jobs as well as engineers, project managers, cleaners, HR and chef jobs, Techforce encourages both skilled and unskilled workers to apply. 
Techforce says the incentives are amazing, especially with some roles being offered at well above the average Australian salary, which is $52,338 according to the most recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). By comparison, the ABS data also revealed that the mining industry’s average full time earnings are around $140,000 per year.
Despite the high salaries on offer, Techforce says the mining industry is still struggling to fill vacancies with a major skills and worker shortage threatening the future of some projects.
With workers expected to work long hours as well as live in isolated locations while they work, Techforce says a career in mining isn’t for everyone. The responsibilities of a mining job vary between sites and programs, however Techforce says there is often potential to gain employment with no prior work experience in the industry, provided candidates have the right qualifications or transferable skills. For example, candidates interested in mining chef jobs need not have worked on a mining site before but will need to be equipped with plenty of experience working in a fast paced and demanding commercial chef role.
For job seekers looking for a fulfilling and well paying job, the mining industry could be perfect. Techforce points out that along with the financial security a mining job can provide, workers in the industry are also contributing to the growth and prosperity of WA and are directly stimulating Australia’s economic growth. 
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Source: Techforce