Personal Experience of Colorectal Cancer is an Irreverent, Cheeky Tail of Surviving, Thriving and Transforming Through Illness

Are You S***ting Me?! How to Survive, Thrive and Transform Through Colorectal Cancer, written by Oils & Spoils blogger Kim Mullins, is available for pre-order through 1 a.m., April 22. Are You S***ting Me?! is an irreverent, yet informational play-by-play of how to navigate, understand and plan for surviving, thriving and transforming through illness.
“Personal experiences of colorectal cancer are few and far between, and the subject itself seems more taboo than talking about sex. Not that cancer is sexy, butt seriously, we need to talk about it. See what I did there?” the book’s author, Kim Harris Mullins, said.
In the United States, colorectal cancer cases are on the rise, and the larges demographic for this recent uptick are millennials. According to the American Cancer Society:
Regardless of the “type” of cancer you might have, this book promotes:
“During my cancer journey, I went through radiation, chemo, and surgery, which resulted in a permanent colostomy bag, post-op chemo, and external lupus caused by the chemo. Don’t even get me started on jokes around being a ‘bag’ lady,” Mullins said. “Having cancer was the scariest time of my life, and I wish I’d had someone to talk to openly about what I was experiencing. Are You S***ting Me?! is the inspirational, informational, but oh-so-hilarious guide I wish I’d had before, during, and after my struggle.”
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