Perceptive Solutions Releases WoundZoom Mobile Digital Wound Management Application

Perceptive Solutions, Inc., maker of WoundZoom Wound Centric EMR and three-dimensional (3D) imaging hardware solutions, today announced the release of their WoundZoom Mobile application. The new solution gives healthcare providers a more intelligent and efficient way to manage wound care across a variety of care settings with its intuitive mobile workflow application and non-contact wound measurement technology that can be accessed on a clinician’s mobile device.
“WoundZoom Mobile expands our product portfolio providing clinicians with a range of digital wound management solutions,” said Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions. “WoundZoom Mobile removes many challenges clinicians face with manual charting including its time-consuming nature, as well as the inaccuracies and access to real time patient healing data and facility analytics. With WoundZoom Mobile, we focused on creating an intuitive documentation workflow with clear prompts and navigation with non-contact imaging. Clinicians can more accurately and efficiently complete the necessary documentation at the point-of-care and spend less time documenting and more time seeing patients.”
Its non-contact imaging utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) technology to ensure measurement accuracy, without contacting the patient or requiring the purchase of consumable reference stickers. Further, the new digital wound management mobile application syncs directly with the Wound Centric EMR (and customers’ own EHR, if integration is desired) for instant visibility to wound encounter data and real-time patient population reporting via the Clinical Wound Dashboard. Within seconds, what clinicians capture at the point-of-care, is made available to care teams and administration for timely care plan review and adjustments, as well as reimbursement claim submissions.
The new solution is available for download on the Apple App Store with application access granted with a user license.
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