Paul Johannes Volkmann and Beatrice Caroline Volkmann’s New Audiobook ‘From Sea to High ‘C” is an Exquisite Historical Biography Based on a German-American Woman’s Life

Paul Johannes Volkman, a photographer, author, artist and journalist, and Beatrcie Carolin Volkmann, Paul’s mother who passed away in 2003, have completed their new audiobook “From Sea to High ‘C'”: a touching and tenderly told true story about the life journey of an aspiring singer, beginning in Germany, and ending in America.
The narrator states, “It took Hitler and the Second World War to remove the burden of decision-making for all of them. Friends often said how exciting and broadening Mom’s gypsy-like life must have been. Few appreciated the many heartaches of goodbyes or the unpleasant experience of being confronted so often with new, unfamiliar lifestyles in both countries. She compared herself to a young plant that really couldn’t endure too much transplanting. As Mother saw it, ‘When I was in Germany, I was an American, and when I was in the USA, I was a German!'”
Paul Johannes Volkmann and Beatrice Caroline Volkmann’s new audiobook is a clever true story about the fascinating life of a German-American woman. Beatrice was raised in New York City, rural New York, and Germany. She endured a nomadic childhood moving from country to country and city to city. While growing up she aspired to be a singer, attended many different schools and went to operas. She witnessed Germany before World War II, at this time Beatrice lost many friends, due to not aligning with Nazi propaganda. She had compassion for the poor and underprivileged and would not want harm to come to anyone, no matter their race or religion. She was one of the few refusing to succumb to the influence of that time.
Beatrice created this work in German and called it “And Where Are You from Little Girl”, but she never published it during her life. Her son, Paul, re-wrote and published it, knowing what an amazing story she had and that the world needed to discover her extraordinary life. Paul made the story easier to understand, arranged it in chronological order, translated it to English from German and supplied the historical background at the time, which was necessary to allow the reader to slip into Beatrice’s shoes. Listeners will enjoy the accounts of Beatrice while finding out if this aspiring singer makes it and hits the high C.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “From Sea to High ‘C'” through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.
Source: Audiobook Network