Paul Daniel Rodak’s New Book ‘Heaven, the Ultimate Return on Investment’ is an Insightful Read That Tackles the Parallel Opportunities in the Material and Spiritual World

Fulton Books author, Paul Daniel Rodak, is a devout Roman Catholic, a recognized and successful man in the business field and has completed his most recent book “Heaven, the Ultimate Return on Investment”: a highly perceptive exposition that helps inform people in all walks of life and business that their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can lead to personal and financial success. The author uses his God-given talent in intergrating the best of Business Principles and Christian Principles to aid people in obtaining such fulfillment in both aspects. He greatly emphasized in this book that when someone places God above everything, one’s success and salvation are finally secured.

Rodak writes, “Most of us been asked, at one time or another over the course of our careers what our plans for the future are.  Recruiters, Human Resource Professionals, and Senior Management probe us for the ‘end vision’ of our career, but in most cases ironically, not our life goals. There is the so-called one-year business plan, the five-year plan, and so forth. Emphasis is placed on advancement, success, wealth, and all of the amenities our career and the world will provide us.
“The business objective is to seek and hire individuals who will enable the corporate plan. In other words, to basically seek what motivates us and see if there is a good ‘fit’. This is not meant as a complaint or critique, but merely an observation. The only issue, in my humble opinion, is the process does not cover the main objective we should be seeking before, during, and after, achieving these goals. How do we better integrate Christian Principles with Best Business Practices into our lives? Business people deal in what is practical, makes good common sense, and how they can achieve a great return on their investment.
“If wealth, fame, and prosperity end at the grave, then where is the true Return on Investment?  If, on the other hand, we integrate the end vision of Heaven into our daily lives and career objectives we will achieve all of our goals. This book was written to assist people in all walks of business and life to understand that faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ, can be the greatest avenue to personal and financial success.
“Imagine the beauty and happiness of Hawai’i magnified infinitely, and so much more, for all of eternity, shared with God and our friends and loved ones. Now that is a Heavenly Return on Investment. Don’t you agree? Thank you and God bless you.”
Published by Fulton Books, Paul Daniel Rodak’s book is a metamorphic read that shows how people’s faith towards God and themselves, incorporated with fervent prayers and perseverance, will lead them to the path of brighter future. Life will continue with its highs and lows, but having God by one’s side will help them overcome any harm and obstacles. This book is huge proof that the only way to achieve the great ROI is to accept Christ in their hearts and live with His greater glory forever.
Readers who wish to experience this informative work can purchase “Heaven, the Ultimate Return on Investment” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books