Patent Agency Kipa Shifts Focus Back to Medical Devices to Do Their Part in the COVID-19 Crisis

KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors) has earned a reputation as one of the best IP firms for providing highly specialized professional advice to the medical device industry. Now KIPA provides quality IP services for diverse clients involved with innovations in several technological fields.

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation there has been an increased interest in developing medical technologies.

In order to aid this commendable effort KIPA is going back to its roots and is inviting any developers of medical devices or technologies to come to KIPA for help with securing the intellectual property side of this new push.

The world has handled this pandemic fairly well. One thing that is certain is that when the next global medical event takes place the world will be more ready than ever.

With 13 years of experience with aiding the medical device industries IP needs you can be sure that KIPA is up to the challenge. KIPA handles cases for clients ranging from startups to major industries and universities.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the development of new medical technologies KIPA will have the answer. A great start for any new technology is a freedom to operate analysis to ensure that your technology will reach the market without unnecessary delays.

Statement from CEO Erik Krahbichler “We look forward to assist our existing and future clients in these challenging times. Strong IP protection has proven to support and strengthen the development of medical devices. This is for sure also valid for medical devices assisting Covid-19 patients and to fight the Coronavirus globally.”

KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors) is an European IP boutique working with global clients. KIPA is specialized in medical technology (medtech) but handle any kind of IP cases. KIPA is experienced with prosecutions, litigations, oppositions as well as trademarks.

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