& Windermere Homes & Estates Announce Partnership to Create Stronger Neighborhoods in San Diego, California

Grant Findlay-Shirras, co-founder of, a leading online platform that helps local professionals connect with their community, has partnered with Rich Johnson, Broker & Owner of Windermere Homes & Estates, a leading real estate brokerage in San Diego, California.
In a time when #shoplocal roles off people’s tongues, Parkbench has pioneered a new and innovative way for community residents and small business owners to connect and support each other.
“Locals must support each other, and I created Parkbench to be the one-stop-shop for people to do this and stay up to date with what’s going on around them,” Findlay-Shirras explains.
“The use of videography has gained much popularity over the years, allowing real estate agents to become more ‘humanized’ to their audience and ultimately their clients”, Rich explains. “Video marketing links the motivation behind the Parkbench platform, which is to create community and connection. This is central to our core values at Windermere Homes & Estates. My agents will be able to profit significantly from the use of this website platform for years to come.”
Because of the sponsorship by Rich and his team, the local residents and small business owners of each community get to have all the resources that Parkbench’s platform provides for free.
As Grant and his Parkbench team expand across North America, more communities are being added daily, due in part, by the generosity of people like Rich.
“Our goal is to have a Parkbench site in every community across Canada and the USA, and getting our platform in the hands of locals is now even more important with so many people working from home and so many businesses struggling with all the constraints during the Covid pandemic,” Grant explains.
As for Grant and Parkbench, “We are excited to partner with Rich and his team to help provide a local news source for the people who live in San Diego and the free marketing platform for local businesses. We encourage everyone to check out their local Parkbench website and learn about the people behind the businesses, the events happening down the street, the deals being offered, and much more. Together, we can improve the economy and our quality of life.”

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