Pandemic Shut Down Popular Escape Rooms in Washington DC metro area (DMV)

Many popular amusement enterprises are shutting down throughout the country for good due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There are 19 escape room facilities in the DC Metropolitan area and three of them will never reopen its doors to the customers.

Escape Rooms have always been a popular destination for corporate team building events. Before, many local companies were booking an activity for its annual staff gathering. Such months as November and December are used to be the peak of the business season because of the traditional holiday events and celebrations. Since many companies have switched to remote work, all in-person gatherings were also canceled leaving the amusement businesses without its major client.

While the business is slowing down, several escape game venues still remain open and operate on a limited basis to comply with local laws and ensure public safety. A local Fairfax County Escape Room has just posted a blog post with a list of all currently open Escape Room Centers in support for similar local business.