Pandemic Sees Rising Demand for Pool Tables, Says CueWorld

In the midst of Covid-induced lockdowns, border closures, and the inability to travel overseas, Australians are left searching for other ways to spend their downtime. The solution for many households, says CueWorld, is a good, old fashioned pool table.
CueWorld, the leading provider of pool tables, pool cues, and other accessories, reports that pool table and pool cue sales have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. Hosting friends and family at home rather than meeting at a pub or a restaurant has become the new normal – and along with it, has arisen the need for ways to entertain guests.
The pandemic has also prompted more Australians to break into the property market: lockdowns have given renters a chance to save up their hard earned money and city dwellers looking for more space have decided to make the journey out into suburbia. CueWorld points out that with the purchase of a new house comes the purchase of items to fill that house; enter, pool tables.
But how does one know what to look for in a high quality pool table? CueWorld explains that pool tables come in a variety of sizes: standard, large, bar and mini. Buyers must consider their specific needs and room size. They need to also consider the style of the table – colours, features, and even design style are important factors in a pool table.
Before simply typing ‘pool tables for sale’ into a search engine, CueWorld strongly recommend buyers purchase their pool table from a reputable supplier. This will ensure that their pool table is made of durable, high quality materials and there will be no existing flaws that will need fixing or replacing.
CueWorld explains that pool tables purchased from expert pool table makers typically means the purchase comes with a warranty. Not only do warranties cover buyers for any manufacturer flaws, but it also proves suppliers to be credible. A lifetime warranty, for example, tells a buyer that the supplier is confident that the table will withstand the test of time.
For the highest quality pool tables and accessories, call on the experts at CueWorld, the number one pool specialists in Australia.
Source: Cue World