Pandemic puts a spotlight on solar energy for Sunrun Solar

2020 saw record-breaking adoption of clean energy alternatives for solar energy companies such as Sunrun Solar. This news comes alongside the release of the December Quarterly Carbon Market Report released today by the Clean Energy Regulator.
According to a media release, David Parker, Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator, has stated that ‘the continued rapid growth in rooftop solar PV in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) contributed 3 GW of the new renewable energy capacity, with the remaining 4 GW coming from power station accredited under the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target.’
While this could partially be attributed to natural growth patterns, the pandemic seems to have shifted popularity in favour of solar panels in Melbourne and across Australia.
“Sustained low technology costs, increased work from home arrangements, and a shift in household spending to home improvements during COVID-19 played a key role in the increase of rooftop solar PV systems under the SRES,” said David Parker.
Local companies such as Sunrun Solar offer solar power in Melbourne and believe this is one trend that won’t be fizzling out. Due to the increased amount of time that Victorians have been spending at home, they’ve seen a surge in interest in both hiring a solar panel installer in Melbourne and purchasing products to be self-installed.
Sunrun Solar offers easy access to solar energy products for commercial and residential installation as well as one-off product purchases without installation. Companies like these continue to push local residents to make the switch to solar energy. With the rising energy bills in 2020, many are quick to adapt their power to receive less expensive monthly bills.
As solar products become more mainstream, prices have continued to drop, allowing residential and commercial adopters to increase their systems’ size.
If this increase in solar power proportionate to gas power continues to grow at a fast rate, we could see Australia hit the forefront as one of the leaders in solar technology.
Source: Sunrun Solar