Pandemic Aid Money Available for Young Texans, 18-26, Who Aged Out of Foster Care

Up to $1000 per person in Covid-19 pandemic relief is now available for young adult Texans who aged out of the state’s foster care system–but the deadline is coming soon. Young people aged 18 to 26, who were in foster care on their 18th birthday, can apply for the funds here until the deadline of September 15, 2021. Texas CASA is calling on media, educators and youth advocates across the state to spread the word in our communities so that young people who were in foster care know they are eligible for these funds. Qualifying young adults who aged out of foster care will receive a minimum of $500 and up to $1000 each. Young adults in extended foster can receive $500 each.
At this time, only five percent of eligible young people have applied. The online application is easy and short, and the money is guaranteed for those who qualify. Texans up to age 26 who aged out of foster care, or who are in extended foster care up until they turn 21, are eligible for the funding now. (Young adults must have been between 18 and 26 years old (up to their 27th birthday) between 4/30/20 and 9/30/21, with financial needs that were not covered by other forms of assistance.)
The federal funding is available through a program known as Young Adult Pandemic Aid, or PanAid. In Texas, it’s being administered by the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies (a supporting organization of the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services) and Monarch Family Services, a Houston-based nonprofit organization focused on family preservation, foster care and adoption services. The application is here.
“Young adults who aged out of foster care or are in extended care deserve this support and we want to make sure that they don’t miss out on it. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and this money can really help. We hope the word can spread across the state so all qualifying young people sign up to receive these funds meant for them,” said Vicki Spriggs, CEO of Texas CASA, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the child welfare system in the state. 
Texas CASA is the statewide network of CASA programs and a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the child welfare system in Texas. For more information, please contact Abe Louise Young at
Source: Texas CASA