Paid Survey Secrets Lesson 3 – Top Money Making Paid Surveys Tips

Bought to you by Hi and welcome to part 3 of the Paid Survey Secrets video training series. In the last two days I taught you about the easiest ways you can make money online completing surveys and how to avoid getting scammed. Today I will tell you why I love paid surveys and I’ll share my top tips for making the most cash from paid surveys. I love paid surveys as they are an excellent way to earn extra cash in your spare time! • Paid surveys are FUN! You can take surveys about everything from your favourite foods to upcoming movies and TV shows • You get to talk about yourself! Who doesn’t love that? • You get to rave about your favourite things or rant about what you think needs to be changed. By voicing your opinions to these important companies, you are shaping the products of the future! • You get to see new concepts for products and services before they are made! You get PAID to test new products and services for FREE! • Lastly, but probably most importantly: You can EARN CASH! The next question that most people ask is – How Much Money Can I Actually Make? Now this is a tricky question since it will vary depending on a few factors, but basically the more you put in the more cash you will receive. If you follow my tips, and spend about 1-2 hours filling out surveys and participating in focus groups each day, you can potentially make between $100 to $500 each week. It will take a while to make this much, but it is certainly possible

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