Aeratis Porch Flooring Partners With Sherwood Lumber to Grow Its Presence as the Performance Leader in Exterior Living Spaces

Sherwood Lumber has announced its partnership as a distributor of Aeratis PVC porch flooring, Ceilings and Shutters and will begin distribution beginning the first of the new year in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets. Over the past 5 years Sherwood has grown its Exterior Building program leaps and bounds. Aeratis porch flooring is the latest product … Read more

Ritani to Co-Host Holiday Gift Shop in East Village New York City

Ritani,  the leading online seller of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and fine jewelry, today announced that it has partnered with New York City brands, ESSNTLS Lab and Elitegen Innovation, to host a retail pop-up market in NYC for a limited time only.  Local customers can shop jewelry for last-minute gifts in New York City’s historic … Read more

Author Helical’s New Book ‘Natural Philosophy’ Explores How the Universe Began and How Humans Can Utilize the Universe’s Hidden Order to Survival Beyond Earth

Helical, a diverse research and development company whose main focus is the propagation of life beyond the life expectancy of the Earth, has completed their new book “Natural Philosophy”: a fascinating discussion on Helical’s point of view on the creation of the universe, how humans can continue to survive long after the Earth becomes inhospitable, … Read more

Author D. Fiskvik’s New Book ‘Mage Zero’ is a Stunning Fantasy Adventure of a Young Man Who Finds Himself in a Strange New World, Tasked With Learning to Master Magic

D. Fiskvik, a passionate storyteller with a gift for writing, has completed his new book “Mage Zero”: a thrilling tale of a young man who must journey through a dangerous new world to discover his inner strength and solve the quest tasked to him before the sun sets. “Imagine that you went for a walk … Read more

Dr. Karen Campbell Kuebler’s New Book ‘Cakewalking With Queen Aida’ is an Educational Story About the Cakewalk Dance Craze and One of the Dance’s Most Prolific Dancers

Fulton Books author Dr. Karen Campbell Kuebler, a wife and mother with a lifelong passion for dancing and dance history, has completed her most recent book “Cakewalking with Queen Aida”: a charming tale that explores the history of the Cakewalk dance and the life and times of famed dancer Aida Overton Walker. “Explore the foot-shuffling, … Read more

Kelly Paul’s New Book ‘In Search of My Turquoise Necklace: Michael’s Story’ Summarizes Her Telepathic Conversations with the Archangel Michael

Fulton Books author Kelly Paul, author of “A Little Madness/Beyond Imagination,” has completed her most recent book “In Search of My Turquoise Necklace: Michael’s Story”: an eye-opening work that explores reincarnation, space, freedom of choice, meditation, and prayer.  Author Kelly Paul discusses her work, sharing, “Michael wants us to change our views and minds to … Read more

Author Charles and Yvana Bailey’s new book, ‘The Flight of Your Life’ is an inspiring read on defining purpose and striving to reach one’s determined destination in life

Charles and Yvana Bailey, a powerfully inspiring duo who both coach leaders and entrepreneurs in business and professional athletics, have released their new book, “The Flight of Your Life: The Power of Propulsion”: a visionary narrative of their own life journeys that ultimately led to their greatest purpose: to propel and energize others to aspire … Read more

Nemysis Ltd and Faran S.A. Sign a Strategic Agreement to Cooperate for the Development of Endopeptidase E40 for Celiac Disease

Nemysis Ltd today announces a Strategic Cooperation with Faran S.A., a leading Greek pharma company, for the development and later commercialization of its E40 endopeptidase as a novel enzymatic therapy for gluten degradation. “Faran has a longstanding tradition in bringing to the Greek market innovative products and providing innovative solutions to tackle highly prevalent unmet … Read more

UPDATE: Cornerstone Specialty Network Hosts a Successful Community Oncology Focused Data Review Meeting: October 2022

Over 129 community oncology healthcare professionals, including 81 prescribers, representing 35 community oncology practices across the nation, registered to join Cornerstone Specialty Network, LLC for its second annual European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2022 Data Review Symposium on Oct. 27, 2022. The program was chaired by Edith A. Perez, MD (Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL), Sujith … Read more