Author Christina Schwabauer’s New Book ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’ is a Faith-Based Read to Help Young Readers Discover the Reason Why One Celebrates Christmas

Christina Schwabauer, a stay-at-home mom of four who relies daily on her faith in God, has completed her new book, “The True Meaning of Christmas”: explores the reason for why one should truly celebrate the Christmas season. “The true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus being the gift God gave us,” writes Schwabauer. “Christmas is … Read more

Author Linda Peterson’s New Book ‘Want to Come to the Forest of Make Believe?’ is a Captivating Tale of a Young Boy on a Journey Full of Imagination and Adventure

Linda Peterson, a former den mother who spends her retirement diamond point painting, crocheting, sewing, and gardening, has completed her new book “Want to Come to the Forest of Make Believe?”: a charming tale of a young boy and his various friends who reside in a magical forest where anything is possible. Jeff excitedly brings … Read more

Author Prophetess Elaine Harrell’s New Book ‘Somebody Prayed for Me’ is a Faith-Based Read Designed to Help Readers Attain a Deeper Understanding of God’s Plan for Them

Prophetess Elaine Harrell has completed her new book “Somebody Prayed for Me”: an enlightening faith-based voyage through the author’s various encounters with God’s unending love and his messages through his Gospel that will help readers refocus their understanding of the Lord and his divine plans for his children. Harrell writes, “I would like to thank … Read more

Authors Sparkles Johnson and Sunshine Akbas’s New Book ‘Adventures of Bear and Unicorn: Journey to the Lake’ is a Delightful Story of 2 Strangers Becoming Friends

Sparkles Johnson and Sunshine Akbas have completed their new book “Adventures of Bear and Unicorn: Journey to the Lake”: a captivating adventure that follows an adventurous unicorn as she ventures off on her own to see the world, and the ensuing trouble that follows. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Sparkles Johnson and Sunshine Akbas’s charming … Read more

Author F.P. Gonzalez’s New Book ‘Revelation of the King: Third Archive of the Magi’ is the Thrilling Conclusion of the Author’s Historical Fiction Series

F.P. Gonzalez has completed his new book “Revelation of the King: Third Archive of the Magi”: a potent tale that serves as the stunning conclusion for the author’s historical fiction series.  Author F.P. Gonzalez writes, “Melchior and Balthasar stood together, convinced that trying to escape would be futile as they braced for the arrival of the … Read more

Michael Silano’s New Book ‘The Gloves’ is a Stirring Autobiographical Account of the Author’s Family History and a Moving Tribute to the Life of His Mother

Fulton Books author Michael Silano has completed his most recent book “The Gloves”: a powerful memoir that explores the author’s family history and the beautiful and compassionate life of his mother. “The year was 1910 when my grandfather immigrated from Italy and joined a Hell’s Kitchen mob soon after,” writes Silano. “In 1925, he met … Read more

Jerry Steele’s New Book ‘Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine’ Follows a Curious and Inventive Elf Who Sets Out to Invent a Machine to Fly Just as Humans Do

Fulton Books author Jerry Steele, an author who lives in Aston, Pennsylvania with his loving wife Janet, has completed his most recent book “Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine”: a heartfelt story of a young elf who sets off to follow his dreams despite the negative attitudes and comments from those around him. “Elmer … Read more

Vernon Weaver’s New Book ‘Create America’ is a Powerful Guide for Readers Who Seek to Shift America Towards Becoming a God-Fearing Nation That Honors the Lord

Fulton Books author Vernon Weaver, a man of God, husband, and grandfather, who has worked as a minister, teacher, machinist, inventor, and small-business entrepreneur, has completed his most recent book “Create America”: a faith-based guide to improving America by living in God’s divine grace and honoring him through all that one does. “The intent of … Read more