Author H. Beaux O’Keady’s new book ‘Thin Blue Lines’ is an eye-opening, alternately hilarious and heartbreaking look inside the world of a rookie police officer

H. Beaux O’Keady, a former police officer, detective, and gang task force specialist, has completed his new book “Thin Blue Lines”: a gripping look at the lives of the brave women and men behind the badge. Today he is happily retired and lives on a small farm with his wife, two dogs, and assorted livestock. … Read more

Author Louis Greenwald PT’s new book ‘Sunday’s Sin’ is a thriller focused on football and greed

Louis Greenwald PT, a born-again Christian physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, has completed his new book, “Sunday’s Sin”: a gripping story set in the future that follows the rise of professional football celebrity status where high-performing players are treated like royalty. Boochie Jones, a well-loved star for Buffalo, uncovers a treachery during … Read more

Author Ruth Vitale’s New Book ‘The Rabbit’s Christmas’ is a Charming Children’s Story About a Curious Rabbit Who Inspires a Christmas Celebration for Her Colony

Ruth Vitale, a retired grandmother of eleven living in New Jersey, has completed her new book “The Rabbit’s Christmas”: a delightful children’s story about a rabbit named Pauline who helps to prepare a Christmas feast. Author Ruth Vitale begins her story, writing, “In a time not so long ago, there was a rabbit named Pauline. … Read more

Author Ashley Taylor’s New Book ‘The Crown of Changes’ Follows Chassidy, Who Thought She Was a Normal Girl, as Her Teenage Life is Turned Upside Down

Ashley Taylor, who lives in East Tennessee with her husband and daughter, has completed her new book “The Crown of Changes”: an exciting work that tells the story of Chassidy, whose typical teenage life is about to be turned upside down when she discovers that her bloodline is linked to a powerful crown. Author Ashley … Read more

Author Gary Osborn’s New Book ‘The Ashes Settle’ is the Third Installment of ‘The Windmill Series’, Which Follows the Main Character John Dwyer, Now Under a New Name

Gary Osborn has completed his new book “The Ashes Settle”: the final portion of the series that follows Dwyer on his mission to intervene upon the dark forces at work. Author Gary Osborn spends most of his time writing, binge-watching TV with his wife, playing steel-tipped darts in various leagues, and participates in the occasional … Read more

Author Jeffery P. Duval’s New Book ‘The Last Ole Southern Sheriff’ is a Collection of Memories From a Law Enforcement Officer’s Varied Experiences From Years of Service

Jeffery P. Duval has completed his new book “The Last Ole Southern Sheriff”: a gripping and potent collection of stories that give reader’s a glimpse of the author’s many years of experience in law enforcement. Author Jeffery P. Duval was the first marine patrol officer in Hernando County. He was also the founder and first … Read more

Author Pelita Bahagia’s New Book ‘A Mother’s Dichotomy’ is How a Parasitic Man Infiltrated a House and Brought Ruin to It

Pelita Bahagia has completed their new book “A Mother’s Dichotomy”: a gripping story that follows the Slaghi family, a hardworking and close-knit God-fearing American family, as a parasitic man worms his way into their lives through their wayward daughter and slowly but surely begins to infect and destroy everything that their family has manage to … Read more

Author William ‘Tex’ Pointer’s Book ‘I Pass as White’ is the Powerful Story That Highlights What Hate, Ignorance, Poverty, and Racism Can Do to a Nation

William “Tex” Pointer, who was a machinist and wrote for numerous newspapers, has written the powerful book “I Pass as White”: a gripping and potent work that shares the author’s life journey, which was defined by pain, misery, fear, and, most importantly, by strength. During William “Tex” Pointer’s life span, he wrote several books. This … Read more

RIVANNA® Announces Partnership With BOMImed to Increase Distribution of Accuro® in Canada

RIVANNA®, developers of world-first, imaging-based medical solutions, announced they have entered into a partnership with BOMImed, a recognized manufacturer of anesthesia and critical care related consumables to represent and distribute the Accuro® portfolio of products in Canada. BOMImed is a choice distribution partner for RIVANNA as its focus is within the fields of anesthesia and … Read more