B R I A N N A Hosts Virtual Red Carpet Event for Release of New Single Kingdom

Pop singer Brianna Shelko united fans from across the world during a virtual red carpet premiere release to officially launch her latest single “Kingdom,” inspired by Byron Balasco’s Netflix hit series, Kingdom. The event took place last Saturday, Feb. 27, and allowed fans to attend in person or to join through the virtual stream. Both alternatives … Read more

Explosion of Publications, Clinical Trials Driving Growth of Biomarkers Technology

Our bodies give us all the clues we need—the trick is reading them correctly. Biomarkers can be thought of as biological indicators of health and disease. They can be detected visually—with or without imaging—or with a test.  The global biomarkers market is growing at a significant pace, thanks to new applications of biomarkers as essential tools in … Read more

Fairwinds Hosts: Lacework Kubernetes Clinic – How to Approach Kubernetes Security at Scale

Fairwinds, which provides Kubernetes security, policy and governance software backed by a suite of services and open source tooling, continues its Kubernetes Clinics, industry expert-led sessions designed to provide free technical trainings on Kubernetes technology. The sessions balance beginner, intermediate and advanced content with the goal of reaching DevOps and engineering leaders with content that … Read more

Symposit LLC is Selected to Delegation for U.S. Security Trade Mission

Symposit LLC has been selected by the U.S. International Trade Association (ITA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), to join a delegation of private-sector businesses participating in the 2021 Security Mission for Economic Prosperity in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras March 7-12, 2021. MISSION DESCRIPTION The US DOC International Trade Administration is organizing this year’s Security … Read more

Reolink Expands Its Smart Detection Series With AI-Enabled 5MP WiFi Security Camera RLC-510WA

Since the release of its smart person/vehicle detection lineup last year, Reolink, a global innovator in smart home security solutions, continues to develop its AI-enabled security series with the newest 5MP WiFi IP camera RLC-510WA. Empowered by intelligent algorithms, the new addition RLC-510WA can differentiate people and vehicles from other moving objects in its field … Read more

DLRdmv Expands Revolutionary eTitling Technology Into Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Safety Division (DVS) has authorized DLRdmv’s revolutionary electronic titling software for use by dealerships there as part of the state’s Electronic Vehicle Title and Registration (EVTR) program. DLRdmv, the most trusted name in eTitling software solutions, expands its geographic footprint after having already established itself as … Read more

Karen Henderson’s New Book, ‘A Tale of a Tomato Zombie’, is a Fun Story for Kids About a Tomato Zombie and His Adventures to Faraway Lands

Karen Henderson, a general business degree holder, wife, mother, and grandmother has completed her new book, “A Tale of a Tomato Zombie,” a fun, illustrated book about the adventures of a tomato zombie. Karen writes, “Tomato Zombie, TZ for short, had always dreamed of ripening into the bestest ever cherry tomato so that he could … Read more

Freddie Floyd Jr.’s New Book ‘You Are Designed to Be Successful’ is a Gripping Handbook That Brings the Readers Back to the Gentle and Loving Arms of God

Freddie Floyd Jr., an optimistic writer who is always focusing on positive quotes and hopes to help everyone overcome their problems in life, has completed his new book “You Are Designed to be Successful”: an inspiring novel, created for everyone who struggled and still struggling with who they are. Freddie writes, “The first part of … Read more

John F. Riley’s New Book ‘Pursued to Eternity’ Fuses Riveting Fiction and Nonfiction to Weave an Amazing Tale Across Time

John F. Riley, a retired engineer who taught with his wife for 10 years, has completed his new book, “Pursued to Eternity”: a gripping novel that follows the clash between good and bad and the many ventures that take place through time. John writes, “Travel on an odyssey from man’s origin to our eternal future. Along … Read more

Robert Roberson and Jennifer Roberson’s New Book ‘Deliverance and Forgiveness’ Captures the Heartfelt Account of an Abuser’s Repentance and a Victim’s Forgiveness

Robert Roberson and Jennifer Roberson, spouses who have been married for 17 years, have completed their new book, “Deliverance and Forgiveness”: a stirring read in the life of a husband and wife whose relationship and life was so broken and toxic yet they heard God and found each other again. Robert and Jennifer write, “This … Read more