Pactera Leverages Blue Prism’s New Technology, Decipher IDP, in Intelligent Automation Project With FreightSafe

Pactera Technologies Australia is delighted to announce a significant Intelligent Automation signing with FreightSafe.
FreightSafe is a professional claims manager with a specialised focus on the freight industry. As the leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the transport industry, FreightSafe manages tens of thousands of claims each year professionally and quickly, streamlining and supporting the customer experience. With technology at the core of their organisation, claims are lodged online and customers are supported through a cloud-based claims and reporting platform. With the onset of COVID-19, FreightSafe has seen their business spike substantially. 
Pactera will partner with Blue Prism to automate a vital Invoicing process resulting in substantial operational benefits. This deal is particularly important as it represents the first Southern Hemisphere sale of Blue Prism’s latest iteration of their industry leading technology, Decipher IDP, which is an intelligent document processing solution that identifies and extracts data from structured and semi-structured business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and other typed forms.
“This partnership has brought close alignment between the Pactera, Blue Prism and FreightSafe executive teams to coordinate a robust blueprint for what will be an exciting transformative journey.” Anthony Giannoccaro – Pactera’s Country Head of Sales & Channel in ANZ
“The Automation project will allow us to deliver even better customer outcomes for our clients and we look forward to working closely with Pactera and Blue Prism on this exciting initiative.” Jonathan Bass – Commercial Director, FreightSafe
The implementation project kicked off on January 2021 and will see a partnership horizon spanning at least the next 3 years.
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