P.S. Kessell’s New Book ‘It That Has No Name III: The Beginning’ is an Exciting Adventure About Friends Who Would Go Through the Depths of Hell to Rescue a Loved One

Fulton Books author, P.S. Kessell, a graduate of MA in Educational Administration, and a doting mother of two, has completed her most recent book “It That Has No Name III: The Beginning”:  a spellbinding tale that transports its readers to a thrilling horror trilogy. The story follows a group of friends who were forced to enter a place every human tries to stay away from. But before facing this horrific situation, they must first practice witchcraft in order to look at past events and learn more about the horrendous murder of a certain family. Will they be able to survive every obstacle and successfully rescue their beloved friend?

Kessell shares, “Amber, Christian, Jay, and their friends are back to face the challenges of confronting It to save the life of their friend, Katie, who is being held captive in Hell. Before they can face the challenge of traveling to the depths of darkness where only the souls of the tortured and dead stir, they must use witchcraft to view the past and learn as much as they can about the murders of the Hamilton family. After witnessing these horrific murders by It, they learn vital information that helps them to prepare to rescue Katie from a place where dark witches, demons, and the devil call home. Once they have learned this crucial information from the past, Amber recruits the help of Jay and other vampires to train and guide them through the darkness below. Their powers and abilities as a team are strengthened as they travel to Hell to save Katie. Amber is warned early on, though, that not everyone she trusts can be trusted. What secrets are revealed in the house on Highway 89? Can they rescue Katie from Hell and keep everyone alive while doing so? Let your fingers carefully travel the pages of this book to find out.”
Published by Fulton Books, P.S. Kessell’s book is a supernatural series that highlights the strength of friendship in times of distress; a quite emotional and thrilling experience awaits the protagonists as secrets begin to unfold along their way.
With a strong sense of courage and determination, accompanied by sharpened powers and abilities, join this group of friends in pursuit to save the life of their dear friend.
Readers who wish to experience this page-turning work can purchase “It That Has No Name III: The Beginning” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books