Owners of Old Fourth Distillery Sell Sister Company Mooring Tech

Brothers Jeff and Craig Moore, widely known as the founders and owners of Old Fourth Distillery, have sold their technology company, Mooring Tech, for an undisclosed amount. The sale took place over the course of 2021. Mooring Tech, which has been a top-five value added reseller of Panasonic Toughbook notebook computers since its founding in 2006, will now be owned and operated by Rugged Depot out of Texas.
The brother’s originally operated Mooring Tech out of a basement in East Atlanta and later moved to 488 Edgewood Ave., across the street from Old Fourth Distillery at 487 Edgewood Ave. In 2020, Jeff and Craig Moore moved Mooring Tech from Edgewood Ave. to a newly purchased warehouse space on Bouldercrest Road that additionally serves as office space for Old Fourth Distillery. 
The success of Mooring Tech served as a catalyst for the opening of Old Fourth Distillery, the first distillery in Atlanta since 1906. The Distillery, which continues to operate out of 487 Edgewood Ave with additional warehouse and office space on Bouldercrest Road, is planning an expansion in the coming months. 
“Mooring Tech is our firstborn child,” said Craig Moore regarding the sale, “but, unlike most parents who don’t want to admit it, we have a favorite child and that is Old Fourth Distillery. We are now turning our sole focus to growing O4D into a regional and then national brand, while continuing to execute our vision to create unique gathering spaces for the city and people of Atlanta that we love.” 
For more information, contact Old Fourth Distillery at info@old4th.com 
Source: Old Fourth Distillery